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$44.00 CAD

All of the benefits of our regular copper water bottles in a mini size.   Drinking out of copper is known for its health benefits and balancing effects and doesn't look terrible either....  Copper purifies water and its also an essential mineral.  Water stored in a coppy vessel for 8 to 10 hours will also being natural ionic alkaline water, which encourages your bodys PH level into the optimum range.  Which means you will probably start glowing.

From improved digestion to stronger immunity, support in weight loss and even anti inflammatory and anti aging effects when it comes to your water drinking habits these copper water bottles are the cats meow.

Please note your water bottle may come looking slightly different than pictured.  It will be either matte, have a small hammered pattern or a large hammered pattern.  Care instructions will be found inside your water bottle upon arrival.

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