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About AO

Welcome to Asana Outfitters - we know, its a mouthful....  We'd rather you just call us AO.  We are a Canadian athleisure clothing and lifestyle brand based in beautiful Kelowna, BC.

If you want to get personal you can also call us Stacy and Shanti for we are the spirited gals behind AO, nice to e-meet you!!! 

It has become our mission to share with you the most amazing, luxurious, stylish, cute, cool and comfy yoga pants, bras, graphic tees and other athletic wear and accessories we can find.

This whole thing started in November of 2018 when we decided that we were sick of paying $100+ for a pair of the best yoga leggings that would inevitably pill and get covered in fluffs within weeks or months of purchase, even when we treated them like queens and followed all the wash and care instructions.

On top of all the pills and fluffs there were other reasons we were sick of our yoga pants.  Everybody everywhere was wearing all the same stuff. And while we admit that it fit well and looked good - it was boring.  Everyone was wearing all the same basic stuff recycled in new colors and prints every season - pills and fluffs and all.

We wanted something different, something better, something more.  We wanted the next level of leggings....  Some g-darn workout clothes that we could wear, that would wash well and last and that were stylish, looked good or even better, amazing. 

And so it began.  The search for the best athleisure brands and the perfect yoga pants was on.

We travelled to big cities and visited tradeshows and showrooms, we ordered, we tried on, we squat tested and got down dog, we sweated, we wore and we washed and in some cases there were even some pieces that we were really excited about that we returned because even though they were adorable they just didn’t live up to the standard that we set out to live up to.

In the end we curated a collection by choosing the very best of the best.  And that is something that we will continue to do - our promise to you: nothing but the best for the best.

All of our pants will wash and wear well over time. None of them are ever sheer and all of them are camel toe resistant. Every piece is fit, movement, squat, sweat and washing machine tested to ensure maximum cuteness, comfort, performance, breathability and durability.  

Now we know what this all sounds like.  This all sounds like its a lot about yoga pants, and it is.  But its also about you.  Cause we know that clothes aren't going to change the world but that the women who wear them will.

And you?  You deserve to run towards your wildest dreams in athletic wear that moves and inspires, feeling like Cat-Woman, in both comfort and style.



Stacy + Shanti