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Self care is giving the world what's the best of you.  Practices, routines and habits that help to circulate more of the good stuff and to ground the rest so that you can put your best face forward.  And in the case of Gua Sha, quite literally....

The ancient Chinese healing technique of Gua Sha increases and improves circulation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow, aka irons out wrinkles and makes you look more youthful and alive.  Better know as the ''Eastern Face Lift'' this alternative facial massage technique promotes detoxification and healthy-looking skin.  All the good stuff.

+ Breaks up stubborn fat + circulates stagnant lymph + chi

+ Reduces signs of aging

+ Increases elasticity in the skin

+ Improves dark circles + under-eye bags

+ Promotes radiant + even complexion

White Jade is known to bring peace, harmony and luck.  It directs energy in the most constructive way while emphasizing the best possible result.  YEP.  Something you definitely want to rub on your face.

Start by applying mild pressure, and gradually increase the intensity to determine how much force you can handle.  Use on any part of your body where you like to improve the health, tone and texture of your skin.

Please note: every gua sha is one-of-a-kind when it comes to the color, texture and size of it.

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